Emerald's Avenue

Vintage Truck, Bunnies & Carrots



This is such a fun Easter bow!  Made from six (6) ribbons, this bow is bright, colorful and family friendly.  It features a buffalo plaid ribbon with a vintage truck, but let's not forget the others: an orange and white chevron style ribbon; mint buffalo plaid; black buffalo plaid; solid lime green; and a natural beige burlap ribbon with prints of carrots. Finally, the bow has eight (8) streamers - that's twice as many streamers you typically see on a bow.  You'll have fun with this bow, and it will look great no matter where you put it!

Our "standard" or "default" sized bow is Medium, but we offer our bows in two additional sizes: Large and Extra Large.  We measure the size for each bow in inches.  Please make your selection, using the sizing chart below:

  • Medium: 10"
  • Large: 12"
  • Extra Large: 14"

* Decor not included.


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