Emerald's Avenue

Large Bunnies & Eggs Easter Bow



We present to you this gorgeous farmhouse style Easter bow, featuring oversized Easter bunnies, a natural beige ribbon with colored Easter eggs, pink plaid, and more.

Made from five (5) wired ribbons, this beautiful bow has a whopping ten (10) streamers!  This bow will look great anywhere and will complement any farmhouse decor you have in the room.  You can hang this bow on a wreath, over a door, on a lantern, gate, etc.

Our "standard" or "default" sized bow is Medium, but we offer our bows in two additional sizes: Large and Extra Large.  We measure the size for each bow in inches.  Please make your selection, using the sizing chart below:

  • Medium: 12"
  • Large: 15"
  • Extra Large: 18"

* Decor not included.


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