Emerald's Avenue

Halloween Wooden Beaded Garland



Here is a handmade Halloween themed wooden beaded garland.  The wooden beads vary in size, from 0.5" - 0.75" in diameter, and we used 30 wooden beads to make this garland.  From end to end, the garland measures 25.5" long.

At one end of the garland is a handmade tassel and wooden tag.  We applied permanent vinyl to the tag, which says, "Home Sweet Haunted Home", and sealed it with three coats of clear satin polycrylic, to ensure that it will last for years and years, but also to keep the tag from scratching or peeling.

And let's not forget the adorable handmade bow!  We put our hearts and soul in to our creations, as this is our passion.

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