We celebrate Lent and Easter in our home, and we love the bright colors and patterns that are used to decorate for Spring and Easter - yellows, purples, pinks, teal, orange.

Easter is a beautiful holiday, and we love Spring.  We grow herbs and vegetables at home and plant new seeds after the last winter storm.  Speaking of which, we were just rocked by a record level arctic storefront that lasted nearly a week, with temperatures in the single digits.  Although we covered our plants and trees with plastic, thin sheets and tarps, only the older, more mature trees, and a few plants, survived, so we will start fresh this year.

We will be re-planting green, red and purple grapes; rosemary; cilantro; basil; green onions; potatoes; jalapeño peppers; tomatoes; lettuce; spinach; pineapple; lemons; limes; watermelon; strawberries; papaya; avocados; and more. We had everything in large buckets before, but this time we will build custom planters boxes out of cedar.  So, the silver lining here is that our garden gets an upgrade.

Happy Easter y'all!  God is good, all the time!